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Mehdi Moradi

Mechanical Engineer

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I am regarded as an industry expert in mechanical design and simulation, focused on optimisation with finite element solution.

Who am I?

I have B.Sc., MS.c. and Ph.D in Mechanical Engineering. My area of expertise is advanced creep analysis and reliability engineering. I use these knowledge to strategically analyse thick-walled structures in high pressure and temperature condition, microstructure evaluation effects on the service life of the components, and thermo-elastic problems.

My dominant ability is to implement computer codes with different programming languages such as C++, MATLAB, and PHP. Also, I have mastered in finite element/volume analysis in several projects using ANSYS and SolidWorks software. These projects enabled me to gain a special experience and knowledge of FEM simulations in different areas of mechanical engineering.



experienced and creative Engineer, contributing as part of a design and research team.

  • 2010 / Sep - Present University of Kashan

    Research assistant

    Investigating the effect of Electric, Magnetic, and Thermal fields on time-dependent creep behavior of spheres made of Functionally Graded Piezoelectric Material (FGPM).

    Studying creep damage and life assessment of thick walled cylinders under axisymmetric and non-axisymmetric thermo-mechanical loads using Larson–Miller parameter.

  • 2015/ Sep - 2016 / Mar Technical University of Denmark

    Visiting Researcher

    Investigating microstructural evaluation and optimization of creep constitutive parameters of austenitic steel in centrifugal casting tubes.

  • 2014/ Aug - 2017 / FebDaewon Heat Plate (DHP South Korea)

    Reliability Engineer (Distance work)

    Conducting finite element modeling and analyse problems in the thermal and mechanical domains for different heat exchanger designs. Involve in finite element optimisation and preparing detailed reports based on the manufacturing requirements.

  • 2008 / Jul- 2009 / SepKermanshah Petrochemical Industries

    Maintenance Engineer

    My duties involves checking, repairing and servicing machinery, equipment, and systems. Ensuring that industrial machinery and equipment runs reliably and planning and undertaking scheduled maintenance.

parallax background

I feel confident that Mehdi has the skills to manage any size event. His success is for intelligence, hard work and beyond that the love of science and engineering. He has good ethics and the superior qualifications to participate in group research.

University of Kashan



My educational background from B.Sc. till Ph.D.

  • 2012 / Sep - 2018 / Jan University of Kashan

    Degree of philosophy in solid mechanics

    Major research areas of this course include: Mechanics of advanced materials and structures: Mico/nanomechanics, mechanics and physics of complex materials such as FGPM, mechanics of smart materials and structure. Elasticity and plasticity: Elastic and plastic properties of materials and structures under impact and extreme conditions, creep phenomena under coupled electro-thermo-magneto-mechanical loads.

    Total GPA: 18.80 (The average GPA of Department was 18.00)
    Honors, Awards & Extracurricular
    • 1st place prize for programming contest
    • Co-founder and manager of ""
    • Publishing more than 5 articles in ISI journals
    • Winning a scholarship for the foreign studies, funded by the Ministry of Science, Research, and Technology.
  • 2010 / Sep - 2012 / Aug University of Kashan

    Master of science in solid mechanics

    This course as a discipline encompasses Advanced Mathematics, Numerical Analysis, Mechanics and Physics. It also involves a number of aspects of Materials Science and Industrial Design.

    Total GPA: 18.21 (The average GPA of Department was 17.00)
    Honors, Awards & Extracurricular
    • Publishing an article in a Q1 ISI journal
    • Directing programming team for some industrial projects
  • 2005 / Sep - 2010 / Aug University of Kermanshah

    Bachelor of science in solid mechanics

    The B.Sc. program derives its strength from rigorous treatments of statics, dynamics, solid mechanics, fluid mechanics, and mechanics of materials. These topics form the basis of all the mechanical sciences and have wide applicability in modern engineering. We also develop a strong background in mathematics, physics, and chemistry, while specializing in one of several secondary fields within mechanics, such as programming.

    Total GPA: 16.39 (The average GPA of Department was 15.00)
    Honors, Awards & Extracurricular
    • Contributing in university scince fair events
    • Directing programming team for some industrial projects



My published books



My Journal and Conference articles


ISI Journals

Non-axisymmetric Time-Dependent Creep Analysis in a Thick-Walled Cylinder Due to the Thermo-mechanical loading

Moradi M, Loghman A, (2017), Journal of Solid Mechanics.


My Skills


I am absolutely passionate about high level engineering experience that I, and my clients, are very proud of.

Finite Element Analysis







The collection of FEM projects.

  • Thermal and mechanical analysis of diffuser supporting system

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